Why You Should Own a Fire-Rated Safe

Keep your valuables secure with a fire-resistant safe

If you’re going to store your valuables in a safe at the bank, you might as well invest in a fire-resistant safe for your home. There are several reasons why you would want to buy a safe for your home, many of which are focussed on highly sensitive documentation and valuable family heirlooms, which will not be insured in a bank safe deposit box.

Fire-resistant safes are designed to keep fires from destroying your valuables, but it does much more. Here are a few good reasons to get yourself a fire resistant safe from an accredited safe supplier:

Sensitive documentation

Some people may choose to keep important documents at the bank, but when you need quick access to insurance policies, prescription medication, copies of wills, and hard drives with private information, you want it as soon as possible. Don’t leave these documents lying around because you’ll either lose it, it’ll go up in a blazing fire, or a burglar may take an interest in your private matters.


You may have a safe deposit box at the bank, in which case you definitely need a secure place to keep the safe deposit keys and extra car keys. Hanging them up next to the backdoor key is not wise. In the event of a fire or an emergency, you want to know that in the middle of a crisis, your valuables are protected.

Prescription medication

Keep dangerous medication away from children. The risk of little ones getting hold of scheduled drugs is too frightening to mention. It’s also a good idea to keep medical information, like the names of doctors and the pharmacy where you get your medication, safe, as you will need it if everything else goes up in flames. Medical safes are required in hospitals and pharmacies, and you can have one installed in your home. Better safe than sorry.


Many ardent hobbyists have safes for their stamp collections, rare coins, and highly valuable paintings. These are investments that need to be protected for legacy and financial purposes. Fire-resistant safes are available in a variety of sizes, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one to fit your large paintings, etc.

There are many different types of safes out there, some of which claim to be fire resistant but are poorly designed and cannot protect your belongings. If you’re buying a safe, be sure it’s tough and secure. You want to know that it will withstand a fire or any natural disaster.

Some people opt for security vaults fitted with strongroom doors and digital locks, document safes perfectly suited for offices or even a drug safe designed for hospitals and clinics. You want to be certain these products are fire resistant. You can choose a variety of access control options, which includes digital locks and the age-old dial combinations – still a trusted design.

Contact the safe specialists today and ask about their wide range of safes. You can install them in a floor, against a wall, in a wall or behind a bookcase.

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Guardall Dealer Network

Guardall offers peace of mind when choosing a Guardall safe, with a selected Dealer network and a service network extending to all areas, not just major cities.


We sell and support our products through a network of the best Locksmiths available. Originally based in Western Australia we now have a warehouse and office located in Wetherill Park in NSW, this provides further commitment to our customers, shortening freight times and allowing our dealers to source the full range of Guardall Safes easily.


Our expansive show room in Wetherill Park has the full range of over 90 models of safes, so if one of our Dealers in Sydney don’t have the model you want to see you are welcome to come and visit us.


If you want to find the nearest member of our Dealer Network just call on 1300 1safes.

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How Good are in-floor safes

In-Floor Safes


I get lots of enquiries on in-floor or below ground safes, and lots of questions too. Guardall has a good range of in-floor safe, from the basic domestic unit through to extra deep ones with spring assist lid lifting.

Are they as good as the above ground ones?  Technically no because, say if you had a really big hammer and tried to bust it open, it is easier to swing at something that is at ground level than trying to swing at something that you would have to swing a big hammer sideways at! Having said that  a burglar would have to find it first, that is the big advantage of below ground safes, they are hard to find. Some people will actually have an in-floor safe as well as a “sacrificial” cheap above ground safe to try and trick anyone who breaks in that they only have a cheap, easy to break open safe, good psychology!! and the old burglar goes away happy with whatever they get.


Are they fire resistant? Well yes and no, they cannot be fire tested because you would need to put the ground/slab and safe into a furnace to test it and have it certified, but because it is below the ground and everyone knows heat rises it will always afford some fire resistance, they also usually have a cover over the door for concealment which will normally leave a 40-50mm gap between the door and the actual floor level, this air gap will also help with insulation.


What bout rising damp or water, this will always depend where you live, here in Perth the ground water can be very close to the surface, so that when you install them that you could use some sort of damp proofing to the concrete when installing this is just extra insurance that your safe will last a long time. Don’t forget though, if you had a flood or burst pie that your floor safe would fill up with water, so choose carefully where to install.


Finally the only thing i dislike about the below ground Guardall Safes is the you need to get down on the floor to open them and then you have to just about lay down on the floor to get anything out, so if you are tall or getting older, go for above ground safes, invest in a top quality Guardall Safe and you’ll have the best of security protection. Don’t forget the old trick of the “sacrificial” cheapy safe and hide the other in the wardrobe under some clothes, burglars will go for the first and easiest target, and they will feel like they have won, when it’s you that has won!!


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Burglary Statistics



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The Importance Of Buying An Effective Home Safe


Home safes these days are very important because there are so many break and enters, someone random just decides, let’s try out this home and suddenly all your precious jewellery, and the memories that go with them are gone, or suddenly your identity has been taken over by some cheap thief because you made it so easy by not locking up your passport and other documents. Read More »

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Guardall Safes Now Available In Sydney

Guardall Safes Sydney are all new and located in the convenient suburb of Wetherill Park, our friendly staff out there can guide you to one of our many dealers located around Sydney, or call into our well appointed large show room where you can get a feel for the whole range of over 90 different safes, making us the one stop shop for safes in Sydney. Or simply dial 1300 1 SAFES, and the Dealer we have nearest you will be in contact. Read More »

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A Run Down Of What A Guardall Home Safe Offers

Home Safes are really important, just imagine you’re out in the garden and don’t notice some sly, slick burglar slip in your back door, right under your nose. If you haven’t considered one of Guardall’s home safes some of your prized possessions won’t necessarily be where you left them when it’s time for that cup of tea!

The Design

Guardall’s range of home safes are designed to be easy to use so you’ll be able to store those valuables away easily every time you don’t need them. Our home safes range is designed in a neutral colour, not like some brands, big black and ugly, so you’ll feel happy to have it in an easy to access place. Don’t forget when you decide where to put your new safe, if it’s not easy to get at and conveniently located the chances are you won’t use it as much as you should. Read More »

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What A Fireproof Safe Actually Is

BF500 Office Security Safes Front View

BF500 Office Security Safes Front View


When I hear the term “FIRE PROOF SAFES” I cringe, I feel I must correct the term, no such thing exists. Don’t get me wrong, there are “FIRE RESISTANT SAFES” and they come in many types. The term fire resistant is defined by the testing procedure where a safe is exposed to high temperatures and tested to see how long it takes to get to a specified temperature. There are two main categories. 1 tested for paper products and 2 tested for data products. The first type of fireproof safe  is the standard variety.

www.guardall.com.au/data-safes/fire-resistant-filing-cabinets/ Read More »

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Key Safes

Just recently we have had a lot of enquiries from small businesses for key safes, because most small businesses in light industrial areas are easy targets of the weekend criminal. Most industrial areas are isolated, where people tend not to be around out of normal working hours, unlike suburbia where there is a constant ebb and flow of people moving around at all hours of the day and night.

What these new age of thieves are targeting are things like vehicle keys, very expensive and inconvenient to relace, the cost to rekey a modern car or van can be as much a $2000.00, not to mention that if this is not done when keys have been taken and you choose to use the spare keys if you still have them, some day one of your prized vehicles may just go missing. So installing a safe of some description, not necessarily one of Guardall’s key safes is a very important thing to do.

Key safes come in many forms, the average size small business that only has a small fleet of vehicles would only need one of our GS35E key safes and at only $525.00 off the shelf, makes this a truly prudent purchase. Bear in in mind it must be securely fitted, and with an easy to use digital keypad you can make sure anyone using a company vehicle can secure the keys at the end of every shift. Guardall can also arrange delivery and installation if your business is no able to collect and install.


Guardall key safes can save not only money but a huge amount of time and inconvenience, making a destination for the storage for all of your fleet keys so whenever someone needs a vehicle the keys are always at hand. Don’ forget we have a range of key safes for any business size, from the smallest 25 key safes to units that will accommodate up to 500 keys.

GSK1 Key Safe Front View

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10 Tips For Safe Firearm Storage

Many Australian’s today own a firearm, whether it is a shotgun, hand gun, rifle, pistol or assault rifle. Certainly, firearms should be handled carefully and stored properly. Although firearms are pretty sturdy items, they have to be stored appropriately to prevent accidental discharge, quality degrading and theft. Besides, all gun owners have to practice safe handling methods to avoid accidents.

Here is a look at 10 top tips for safe firearm storage.

1. Use Gun Racks or Gun Safes Instead Of Trigger & Barrel Locks
The minimum obligation for gun storage is using a barrel lock or a trigger lock to make sure that a fire arm cannot be accessed without the key for unlocking the device. However, it is important for gun owners to go beyond this requirement and store their guns in gun safes or racks, which are safer.

Read More »

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